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Mason Jar Leather Sleeve

Created By Carolyn

I designed these leather sleeves to fit snug over a wide mouth mason jar. I prefer drinking from glass, & who doesn't have a few jam jars lying around? But when it comes to hot coffee that's not exactly practical. So I thought up this idea to make a leather cozy with a cushioned handle & designed a cut file using Inkscape. I upcycle leather scraps from a local equestrian equipment manufacturer, add custom engraving designs to the cut files, laser cut & engrave with my Glowforge, then clean & prep for sewing. I hand sew the handle & sleeve with waxed thread, then set the rivets in place. This has been one of my favorite leather projects because it's utilitarian but also has the perfect blank space for customizing. There's something nostalgic about mason jars & this is just another way to dress them up & keep them around for another generation.


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