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Fairy Garden Gown

Created By Wendy

2021 was the year of my 50th birthday and I wanted to celebrate it with a fairy/fantasy party. As my birthday is in january I originally planned a different party and made another gown. But due to Covid regulations, night curfew and visitor restrictions all my birthday plans had to be cancelled. Thankfully 8 months later I finally was able to celebrate this big birthday and I organised a fairy/fantasy garden party. 

Being a garden party meant I wanted to make an appropriate gown and so I started working on this Fairy Garden Gown, inspired by flowers and foxgloves in particular. The corset is made of hand painted silk. On the front there is a scenery of fairies and mushrooms, cut out of iron-on vinyl (svg bij LaviniaStamps). I added lots of flowers and greenery for a garden look. The purple tulle top has ivy "growing" on my arms, which are again cut out of iron-on vinyl (svg by CraftGenesis).


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